Saving crabs…one company at a time

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Spawing crabs on Villas Beach, Cape May County.
Photo: Laura Chamberlin

Originally Posted in Manomet’s June Newsletter The biggest news story from the Delaware Bay this year is not the high counts of Red Knots and good departure weights, although those are both very exciting and welcome pieces of news. The biggest (and also extremely welcome) news came on May 10th, just as horseshoe crab numbers were increasing on the beaches … Read More

A Bayshore Native Rediscovers Home

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By Caiti DiMaria I grew up on New Jersey’s Delaware Bayshore, splitting my time between Millville and Port Norris, New Jersey.  I know that at some point I experienced the horseshoe crab spawning and shorebird migration, but I can’t tell you when or where.  If you were to ask me why I decided to work in wildlife conservation, my answer … Read More

A Good Year for Red Knots

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Shorebird lovers on the Delaware Bay started this year’s season a little bit anxious. The weather was pointing to another repeat of 2017. A cold start to the season would mean low horseshoe crab spawning. Add to that the low numbers of Red Knots reported from aerial counts in Tierra del Fuego, and things were not looking good. The weather … Read More

Support May on the Bay Businesses

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Bayshore businesses know that shorebirds and horseshoe crabs are an important part of our community. That’s why they chose to be a May on the Bay Business. Next time you stop in to these May on the Bay Businesses, thank them for showing their support for conservation. A Piece of Cake American Deli & Pizza Inc Avalon Coffee Co. Blitz’s … Read More

Bringing Youth Signs to Businesses

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Signs from youth artwork have been on the beaches of New Jersey’s Bayshore for the past two years, teaching and inspiring visitors. We need your help. We are ready to go wide and reach more people. You can get involved by displaying a sign on your property, business, or helping to facilitate display in another community location. If you have a … Read More

Aqua: The Horseshoe Crab Rescue Fairy

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Guest post from a special guest: Marcy Fiorentino, a 4th grader in New Jersey and one of reTURN the Favor’s younger volunteers. “Listen everyone! We are giving out beach permits in one week, April 15th.  Please come pick up your permit on that day at Fortescue Beach.  We want everyone to help save the horseshoe crabs!” said Miss Laura, the chief organizer of … Read More

Second Summer and the Journey North

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La ti da.

  High of 55° F, with the wind blowing at 25 miles per hour. That’s the predicted temperature on an average February day in Rio Grande, Argentina in the region known as Tierra del Fuego¹. This is where the long-distance rufa Red Knot spend the months that we call winter. Sounds like a pleasant late fall day, but here at … Read More

Coastal Cleanup: Final Hooray for 2017

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by:  Lisa Stewart Garrison Guest blogger and one of Sea Breeze’s most regular horseshoe crab rescuers On the final day of September, as a north wind stirred swells and white caps on Delaware Bay, setting monarchs adrift among the seaside goldenrod, an intrepid group of cheerful volunteers gathered at Sea Breeze Beach to take part in the Cumberland County Improvement … Read More