Aqua: The Horseshoe Crab Rescue Fairy

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Guest post from a special guest: Marcy Fiorentino, a 4th grader in New Jersey and one of reTURN the Favor’s younger volunteers. “Listen everyone! We are giving out beach permits in one week, April 15th.  Please come pick up your permit on that day at Fortescue Beach.  We want everyone to help save the horseshoe crabs!” said Miss Laura, the chief organizer of … Read More

Second Summer and the Journey North

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La ti da.

  High of 55° F, with the wind blowing at 25 miles per hour. That’s the predicted temperature on an average February day in Rio Grande, Argentina in the region known as Tierra del Fuego¹. This is where the long-distance rufa Red Knot spend the months that we call winter. Sounds like a pleasant late fall day, but here at … Read More

Coastal Cleanup: Final Hooray for 2017

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by:  Lisa Stewart Garrison Guest blogger and one of Sea Breeze’s most regular horseshoe crab rescuers On the final day of September, as a north wind stirred swells and white caps on Delaware Bay, setting monarchs adrift among the seaside goldenrod, an intrepid group of cheerful volunteers gathered at Sea Breeze Beach to take part in the Cumberland County Improvement … Read More

Sharing Experiences with Bay of Fundy Partners

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The world’s largest Semipalmated Sandpiper meets the world’s largest Red Knot. Ok, technically, the world’s largest Semipalmated Sandpiper and the world’s largest Red Knot don’t fly so they haven’t met, but their human stewards did. Four representatives from Nature Conservancy of Canada/Conservation de la nature Canada and the Village of Dorchester, New Brunswick, Canada joined us for May on the … Read More

Southbound Shorebirds

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With August coming to a close, Red Knots have already begun their long migration. The females were the first to get started as they departed when the eggs hatched in July. Males left a few weeks later after protecting chicks from predators, juveniles are not far behind. The southbound journey does require a little preparation, just as the northern journey does. … Read More

Wonder Woman for Horseshoe Crabs

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Her cape is a bright yellow vest with reflective tape. Instead of large a ‘W’, she wears a t-shirt with a horseshoe crab. She finds the beaches that need her help and swoops in. She fights the elements— not rain, sun, piles of rubble, nor darkness can deter her. Her mission? To ensure that not a single crab is lost. This … Read More

A Challenging Year on the Delaware Bay

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Nature has reminded us yet again that she is unpredictable. Cold weather and winds led erratic horseshoe crab spawning and low numbers of surface eggs for hungry migrating shorebirds. The horseshoe crabs were challenged further, even after spawning increased. High winds and high tides stranded tens of thousands of crabs, who would have died without volunteer rescue. Red Knot numbers … Read More

Mid-Season Update: More Crabs Rescued in 2017

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With a month of data still to come, the dedicated reTURN the Favor volunteers have rescued 79,727 crabs and conducted 447 walks. That’s more crabs then the 78,041 crabs that were rescued in all of 2016, and creeping close to the record number of walks from 2016: 520. With more volunteers trained in 2017 than ever before, it is no … Read More