Finding Moonbird

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B95 flag JKAM090524_0316

by Adriana Manchen, Delaware Bay Program Assistant and huge Red Knot fan B95! B95! B95! That is what I dream of hearing this spring on the Delaware Bay. No, I am not going to be playing BINGO on the bay. In fact, those of you that do play BINGO know that there is no such call in the game. I … Read More

Sing Along with the Delaware Bay Blues

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redknots beach
Spring is a reason to sing and here is the perfect song to hum as you dust off your binoculars. 'Delaware Bay Blues' is written and performed by Phil Hoose, author of Moonbird: A Year on the Wind with the Great Survivor B95.

Fall on the Bayshore

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Winter has crept up on us. Autumn always starts off with pleasantly cool and crisp days, bright sunshine that highlights the color of the trees. But before we know it, November is here. The days are shorter and the cold is bitter. Winter is heavy in the air. I find myself longing for early autumn and back to a lovely ... Read More

Volunteers Make a Difference in NJ

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When our volunteers save one of these horseshoe crabs, they are saving more than just that crab. They are saving a hungry shorebird too.

At least once a week in May and June, I led walks for reTURN the Favor on South Reeds Beach in New Jersey. I went out on solitary walks too, quiet nights under the moonlight. But the best days were when I had other volunteers with me. For some of these volunteers it was their first experience with rescuing horseshoe … Read More

Birds, Sea Level Rise, Action

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Red Knot Frenzy Prime_B. Winn

Climate change, sea level rise, extreme storms. We know the story pretty well. Two weeks ago, we were reminded again of the impacts to come. National Audubon Society released a report on Birds and Climate Change. It predicts that 314 birds, including 29 shorebirds are threatened by climate change. This leaves many of us feeling frustrated and little hopeless. Here … Read More

Restoration Success with More to Come

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An amazing 1.3 miles of beach were restored along five of New Jersey’s Delaware Bay beaches, after being decimated by Superstorm Sandy in October 2012. You may have read the news or even seen the heavy machinery out on the beaches. But more likely you saw the positive impacts of these projects without even knowing it. When you were out … Read More

Seven Reasons to Become a Bayshore Steward

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Volunteering your limited free time is tough. If you are a nature-lover that is particularly true in the spring. The weather is FINALLY nice, things are greening up, and birds are moving. You just want to get out and enjoy the world. But volunteering doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your outdoor time. What if there was a project that lets … Read More