Red Knots Leave with Good Weight

Laura ChamberlinUncategorized

How was this year for the Red Knots?

We get this questioimg_3858n a lot. The short answer is that the Red Knots left the Bay with good average weights, though there were slightly fewer in number than in the previous two years. Other birds studied by the biologists on Delaware Bay like, Ruddy Turnstones, Semipalmated Sandpipers, and Sanderlings; also departed with some of the highest weights in recent years.

The chilly weather and slow-to-start horseshoe crab spawn gave way to good horseshoe crab spawning, lots of eggs, and shorebirds were able to gain the weight they needed for a successful trip to the Arctic. Continued horseshoe crab harvest restrictions, beach restoration, and stewardship have helped to reduce threats and improve conditions, but challenges continue and more action is needed.

For the full report from NJ’s shorebird project, read at Conserve Wildlife Foundation’s of New Jersey’s blog.

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