reTURN the Favor: Mid-Season Report

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Woo Hoo! We are a little over halfway through the 2016 reTURN the Favor season, and we are pleased to report that we have nearly doubled 2015’s totals for rescued crabs, with more rescue walks (includes data as of June 20th).

Many thanks to our dedicated volunteers who braved rain, sun, and bugs to rescue crabs. They have continued to walk the beaches through June, so we know this will be a record-breaking year. Stay tuned for the full season results later in the summer.

Mid Season Results

69,044 horseshoe crabs rescued
52,548 overturned horseshoe crab
16,496 impinged horseshoe crabs
450 rescue walks conducted
66 walk leaders
20 beaches
10 partners

Below are a few photos from our adventures, at least those where we were able to grab the camera.

If you are a reTURN the Favor volunteer and have photos to share, you can upload on the website or on the facebook page.

Through the Celebrate Delaware Bay initiative, the WHSRN Executive Office coordinates volunteers for Sea Breeze and Thompson’s Beach, and also serves on the steering committee for this partnership program.

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