Youth Art Exhibit at Delaware Museum of Natural History

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Art and Wildlife Unite at the Delaware Museum of Natural History Starting on April 15, there will be an exhibit of youth artwork celebrating the Year of the Bird, Delaware Bay, and shorebirds on display at the Delaware Museum of Natural History in Wilmington, DE. The fifth graders at Brandywine Springs School in Wilmington worked hard to create artwork that … Read More

Milton’s Horseshoe Crab & Shorebird Festival

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This festival celebrates horseshoe crabs and migrating shorebirds, long considered by many to be a natural wonder of Delaware Bay. Count yourself among the 1,500-plus visitors who annually enjoy: arts and crafts, as well as an art show boat rides down the Broadkill River canoe trips on Prime Hook Creek exhibits games great food music scavenger hunt trail walks at … Read More

Peace, Love, and Horseshoe Crab Festival

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The DuPont Nature Center at Mispillion Harbor Reserve, a DNREC Division of Fish and Wildlife facility, will host “Peace, Love & Horseshoe Crabs,” its fifth-annual festival celebrating the spring spectacle of migrating shorebirds and spawning horseshoe crabs, from 10 a.m to 3 p.m. on Saturday, May 20th. Admission is free. The festivities will feature children’s games, live music, crafts and … Read More

Spring Shorebird and Horseshoe Crab Festival

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The Wetlands Institute is pleased to present our 4th Annual Spring Shorebird and Horseshoe Crab Festival. Join the Wetlands Institute and the Delaware Bay Shorebird Initiative for a festival that celebrates an amazing spectacle of nature – the shorebird migration and horseshoe crab spawning season. Children and guests of all ages can enjoy guided shorebird walks along our local beaches … Read More

Students help to spread the word about the ‘Shorebird Rest Stop

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‘Birds Borrow the Beach’ ‘9,000 miles, I sure need a break’ ‘Shorebird Rest Stop’ ‘Please give me a hand’ These are just a few of the messages that students are using to create wildlife education signs to welcome our returning shorebirds and horseshoe crabs to Delaware Bay.  The signs have been placed along Bayshore beaches, reminding visitors that we share these … Read More

Horseshoe Crab-a-palooza with Friends of CMNWR

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Kick off the horseshoe crab season at Kimbles Beach with Friends of Cape May National Wildlife Refuge. There will be kids crafts, updates on conservation activities on the Delaware Bay, training for participation in reTURN The Favor, beach cleanup, and of course- HORSESHOE CRABS. In addition, beach fun, attendees will learn how they can take action for horseshoe crabs. Light … Read More

Eleven Years of Student Action for Shorebirds

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Photo by Ron Smith

Half a million shorebirds, well, nearly half a million. All counted by high school students. For the past 11 years, Ron Smith, the Environmental Science teacher at Haddonfield Memorial High School, has taken students to North Brigantine beach to monitor shorebirds with New Jersey Audubon’s volunteer-based shorebird monitoring program. From late summer through fall, Mr. Smith and his students conduct … Read More

When and Where to See Horseshoe Crabs and Shorebirds

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Timing is everything with May on the Bay. When and where should I go to see red knots and horseshoe crabs? It’s one of our most common questions. We can never guarantee anything with wildlife, but we can help ensure visitors don’t experience an empty beach and are able to witness this phenomenon themselves. We also have tips for making sure … Read More

More Volunteers, More Leaders, More Walks.

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With over 30,000 horseshoe crabs rescued, the third year of reTURN the Favor was another success. Each spring, the largest concentration of horseshoe crabs on the Atlantic Coast, come up on the beaches in May and June to spawn. This behavior comes with its trade-offs, sometimes horseshoe crabs are turned over on their backs by rough waters or trapped in … Read More

Youth Signs for Delaware Bay Beaches in 2016

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‘Birds Borrow the Beach’, ‘Shorebird Pit Stop’, ‘Please give me a hand’. These are just a few of the messages that students used to create wildlife education signs. This year we worked with Wildwood Crest Memorial School’s Eco-Club and the 4th grade at D’ippolito Elementary School in Vineland to create wildlife education signs for New Jersey’s Bayshore beaches. Unfortunately, the … Read More